Credit Analyst Academy


Credit Analyst Academy is the premiere training course for credit analysis.  Taught by a seasoned underwriter in one of the U.S.'s largest banks, this LIVE 3 week training course is delivered in 3 webinars which cover the following:


  • Description of analyst’s job
  • How does the analyst fit into the team?
  • Understanding risk.

Covenant Analysis

  • What is a covenant?
  • Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
  • Funded Debt/EBITDA
  • Tangible Net Worth

Collateral Analysis

  • Receivables/Inventory
  • Real Estate


–Abundance of Caution

  • Enterprise Value – Explanation of an airball


  • Demonstrate covenant cushions
  • Modeling repayment capacity
  • Finance performance overview

Approval Process

  • Creating an approval document
  • Presenting to risk


  • What to expect in an interview?
  • Resume and Cover Letter review.

All LIVE training sessions will be recorded. If you miss a training, you can watch a recording anytime.

Q&A at the end of every session where your host will answer any questions.

The price of this course will NEVER be lower than $97.  Don't miss out on this amazing learning opportunity.