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When you buy the A&M Film and Photo 6 Inch Triangular Prism, not only are you supporting our small business, you are getting the highest quality photography prism on the market. Now youll be able to add light leaks, rainbow reflections, and refractions to any photo.

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How to Take the Best Prisming Photos

The A&M Film and Photo 6 Inch Triangular Prism is easy to use! Through practice and experimentation, youll be able to add a bend-and-curve like effect to any photo. While theres no wrong way to use the prism, the following tips will help you to make the most of your prism.

7 Tips for the Best Prisming Images

1) Light Is Your Friend: While both natural and artificial light work well with prisms, low light situations often yield dull results. The more light you have, the better effect you’ll get from the prism.

2) Twist Things UpLoosen up and move the prism around in every position possible.

3) Take Off Your Lens HoodGetting your prism close to the lens allows the prism to fall out of focus.

4) Use Release PriorityRelease priority means the camera will shoot a picture even when it cant autofocus. Shooting the prism confuses your cameras autofocus, so youll want to avoid shooting in autofocus priority.

5) Shoot Manual or Aperture PriorityWide apertures are best for prisming, allowing you to focus on the subjects and not on the prism. A narrower aperture will often bring the glass into focus – not what we’re looking for. Shutter priority will cause your aperture to continuously change, which can result in unpredictable images.

6) Use Single Point AutofocusThis will help you to hone in on your subject and avoid blurry images.

7) Use Long Focal LengthsLonger focal lengths help to ensure that the prism does not come into focus. We suggest shooting with 50 mm or longer.

How To Clean the Prism?

Fingerprints on the prism are normal. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any fingerprints before taking photos.

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