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No Two Images Alike

No Two Images Alike

The A&M Film and Photo Triangular Prism is an essential tool to add to your kit. Each side of this triangular prism is approximately one inch wide, allowing plenty of space to create a multitude of photo effects such as light leaks, rainbow reflections and image refractions.

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  • Perfect Size

    At 6 x approximately 1 inches, allow more of the prism to be utilized in your shot when placed in front of your favorite lens.

  • Make Photos Pop

    Create crisp reflections and the brightest light refractions, adding a bend-and-curve like effect to any photo.

  • Take Anywhere

    The prism is made of the highest quality glass that is durable and scratch resistant - ready for any photo shoot.


Who is this product made for?

While the A&M Film and Photo Triangular Prism was designed with professional photographers in mind, it's an easy-to-use tool for every photographer. Prisms are extensively used by wedding photographers.

How long has "prisming" been around?

Buzz about “prisming” was widely reported on the internet in the last 5 years when wedding photographer Sam Hurd pioneered the technique. Since then, “prisming” quickly became a key style used among professional photographers.

What makes the A&M Film and Photo the best on the market?

The scratch resistant triangular prism is thoughtfully engineered with professional grade borosilicate crown glass that eliminates all bubbles that cause the inside to be fuzzy or hazy.

How do I use this prism?

Simply position the prism in front of the lens and focus on exactly where the light source is coming from to get light leaks and reflections.

Can I shoot anywhere with the prism?

This prism is fog resistant and maintains a cool temperature, even in the hottest environments. This high quality glass is also durable and scratch resistant - take it anywhere

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